Hello world!

By sloonfoot

January 11, 2009

Category: Ruminations

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I have had it in my head since at least regular ol’ college to do this.  San Luis Obispo is so cute, so photogenic, and so .  . . discovery friendly and since I’m a big fan of meandering around, seeing what’s to be seeing, I always notice little details other people might not.

It’s for this reason, I bring you .  .  . SLO on foot. Hopefully you’ll have a good little peeksie at all the things that make this town neat. I’ll include pretty things and things with stories and it will be updated pretty much whenever I have nothing better to do and want to take the mutt for a walk or hike. Ground rules: photos should be sort aesthetic, but they are taken on a point and shoot basis only.  Sometimes they’re artful, other times, not. No complaining. This is *my* blog, so there. 🙂

Theme suggestions are welcome. Hope you like it!


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Primo, enjoyed Descriptions. Favorite was PigGarden.

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