Mill Street Tract Housing

This may not be the prettiest photo you’ve ever seen, but this house is pretty much a carbon copy of at least 20% of the houses in this area of SLO. I don’t know if the place was originally a big tract or what, but this is the most typical SLO house there it (if you don’t count the Victorians). I love that they have a giant antenna. That should date the building, me thinks.


2 Responses to “Mill Street Tract Housing”

  1. Back in the day, there were several lumber and construction companies, i think that Sears might have been a part of this; whom created “home Kits” which were used to design and create several different styles of homes, mostly craftsman-bungalow styles and they did it on the cheap… which is one of the reasons for the plethora of older looking cookie cutter style homes in the area… Clients had the option to alter a few of the details (note the end cut on the barge rafter, the size of the tapered column, the gable vent and the barge rafter brace). If you look at enough of these homes you’ll see that they are almost all identical except for some of the superficial details… Yay History!

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