Thank God for No Homeowners’ Associations

So, I have this pet peeve about people building houses that don’t fit in a neighborhood. You know what I mean? Like, say you have a modest-sized house and then some richie-rich comes along and builds a McMansion around you. It’s stupid looking. Get with the program.

Except, I LOVE this house. Because, well, you see . . . SLO has this culture. It says, “Hey, you. Yeah, you. You bought a house with some fancy trim and acoutrements. What are you going to do with it?”

And maybe someone from Fresno will say, “Paint it a tasteful white.”

And someone from San Francisco will say, “Oh, a neutral base with some jewel town accents.”

But this person must have lived in a tropical region at some point. The only place I’ve ever seen these colors used is in Costa Rica, but it was used liberally.

So this person said, “You know what? I’m thinking teal and pastel colors.”

And SLO said, “Damn, girl. Go ON with your bad self.”


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