“The Shell”

Not exactly a paragon of style here . . . the downtown Shell is known for slinging the most costly gas in town.

I took this photo mostly because I remember a very late night when my friend’s car ran out of gas and we had to walk here to borrow a can and carry it back to her car. It was foggy out and the lights in the gas station were cinematic. There was this kid sitting out in the diffused light strumming a guitar.  It could have been out of a movie.

But that’s not this photo. This photo is of a plain ol’ gas station in the daylight. We got some brown hills in the background for kicks, too.


2 Responses to ““The Shell””

  1. Shell is the most largest gas station in the world. They have more gas stations around the world then anyone else. They’re the worst to buy gas from of course.

    Nice picture. It’s a bit unusual; something I would see out of an American movie.

  2. I was going to see Spearhead in my Westy, and two grimy kids were hell-bent on getting me to take them to San Francisco while I was at this gas station.

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